eGG Optical Boutique

eGG Optical Boutique

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  • 6385 8301
  • Waterway Point West Wing, #01-20
  • 10.30am to 9.30pm

Founded in Hong Kong at 2011, eGG Optical Boutique is a fast-fashion eyewear brand managed by Optical 88. Using new initiatives and refreshing promotion ideas, the launch of the brand new self-service shopping style has successfully attracted numerous young and fashionable customers. With a wide variety of styles and collection, customers are able to differentiate themselves with our products and also find a pair of spectacles for every occasion. Customers are able to collect their spectacles within 30 mins and our package pricing (frame+ lenses) makes purchasing hassle-free For the past 3 years, eGG expanded rapidly in Hong Kong, China and South East Asia, opening more than 50 shops in total.


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